Have Classic - Will Cruise


Executive Committee

President                               Rene Lindquist

Vice President                       Ray Boucher

Recording Secretary            Norm Trewin

Treasurer & Membership     Bridget White

Activities Chairman              Tammy Eckman

Newsletter Editor                  Kevin Stieh


Left to Right : Kevin Stieh, Sheila Payne, Christian Caron, Rene Lindquist, Norm Trewin, Karen Bailey

Non-Executive Positions

Graphics                              Kevin Stieh



Website                               Ashley Pelto  



Sick & Visiting                  Donna Daniw 


Sargeant at Arms                Karen Bailey

Jr Sargeant at Arms           Sierra Wilson

Phone Committee:

                                            Donna Daniw 

                                            Elaine Wanzuk


Garment Sales                  Donna Daniw

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